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Goal of a Business

When working in a business, it is very important to know the reason behind the business.  In other words, what is the business in business to do?   In answering this deceptively simple question, one must look beyond the PR and make an honest assessment of the brand.  For example, the goal of a car… Read more »

Advertising for the Competition

A strong brand is unique because a brand is a specific promise to a specific audience.  The promise effectively delineates the brand’s market.  If the people behind the brand do not know what they are promising, or to whom they should be delivering, then the brand is likely weak, diluted, confused, or all of the… Read more »

Just Kidding Around

The increasing prominence of online retail, coupled with slow economic growth and sustained unemployment has significantly changed consumer behavior and placed unique challenges on boutique mom-and-pop stores.  Just Kidding Around, a family-owned toy store in Montclair, NJ, has been occupying a familiar spot at 507 Bloomfield Ave for the past 11 years, and Manager Nissa… Read more »