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643 Research

We are a team of skilled qualitative researchers with decades of moderating experience.  We work with our clients to find the best way to meet their objectives and answer their burning questions.

We feel that research is iterative and we are proud of the close, collaborative relationships we have built with our clients and partners.  

As our name suggests, there is always more than one way to forward and more than one way to attack an issue.

Focus Groups

Facilitate engaging discussions that spark open and honest exchanges, revealing valuable group perspectives.


One-on-one interviews that delve deep into motivations, opinions, and personal experiences.

Home Visits

Observe consumer’s behavior and product use in real-world contexts.


Walk alongside your customers providing firsthand insights into their decision-making process.

Mystery Shopping

Evaluate customer service, uncovering areas for improvement, and ensuring brand consistency.


Understand cultures, behaviors, and unmet needs.

Our Blog

As a Moderator – More of Rapport

As a Moderator – More of Rapport

In my own experience, when I become overly focused on the mechanics of moderating (i.e., following techniques by the book, etc.), my moderating has suffered.  Going into various...

As a Moderator – Do the Discussion Guide

As a Moderator – Do the Discussion Guide

Do the discussion guide.  In the moderator’s quest to impress their clients, to uncover key insights, he/she might become overly complicated in their moderation.  This can have...